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City Landscape Series

My series of abstract works belonging to the  “City Landscapes Series” summarizes some of the elements of human habitats, like their structures, distribution and harmony with the environment. I also idealize the concept of “human habitat” and gives it an organic character, driving it closer to human nature. This universalization of the concept of “city” originates in my personal experience having lived in Argentina, Italy and the US, adding the countless towns and cities I have had the privilege of visiting. The imaginary cities I have conjured up on the canvases have elements drawn from different places, like cliff or mountain ancient cities, picturesque Italian hill towns or modern cities skylines. These new city landscapes transcend the individuality of a certain city or a culture in particular and work as a bridge connecting the past, present and future and the cultural diversity. The lines and shapes that constitute the structure of the works provide the support for more detailed descriptions that the imagination of the audience can associate with their personal experience and thus give finality to the work. I find the use of metal leaf on the acrylic on canvas works as an essential element of the series as it can represent the sun reflection on the glass, metal or stone, as well as the richness and wealth we can associate with cities form time immemorial.

In conclusion, my intention when working on this series was to represent on the canvas a synthesis of my visual and sensory experience in different urban landscapes. I have created images that transcend those individual experiences and turn them into universal ones, giving those individuals looking at them the possibility of reflecting their own experiences as well.

City in the Clouds I
City in the Clouds II
City in the Couds III
Red Urban Landscape I
Red Urban Landscape II
Red Urban Landscape III
City Scapes II
City Scapes III
City Scapes IV
City Scapes V
Gilt City I
Gilt City II
Gilt City III
Gilt City IV
Gilt City V
Gilt City VI
Gilt City VII
Gilt City VIII
Gilt City IX
Gilt City X
Urban Landscape I
Urban Landscape II
Urban Landscape IV
Mountain City I
Mountain City II
Mountain City III
Mountain City IV
Mountain City V
Skyline I
Skyline IV
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